From the one who wants you to know the truth

October 2, 2015

Dear Sarah,

You’re in high school now! The next four years are going to be ones you’ll never forget. It’s going to start out rocky because you’re 15 and “know everything”, but you will soon find out that you just don’t. At all.

I know your parents stopped going to church because you moved, and they can’t find a good one in the area. Please please please keep your eyes on Jesus anyway. Next year, you will meet another Sarah who is going to take you under her wing and plant a seed that will bear amazing fruit…eventually. Please listen to her and go to Young Life on Monday. Don’t wait another week.

The guy you have a crush on is going to notice you, invite you to the homecoming dance, pick you up from the house (your dad will hate this part, by the way) and will offer you your very first kiss to that song…umm…”All My Life” by K- Ci & JoJo. You’re going to take the kiss, and all of a sudden you’re gonna be sure this guy is your future husband. It’s not true. He is going to take more than you could ever imagine from you and leave you lonely and confused by the end of the year. Please turn towards the Lord instead of to the next guy.

Focus on school. I repeat: Focus on school! DO NOT go to that stupid party with those stupid people. Years from now, not one of them will still be in your life. Your best friend will join the dance team and be too “cool” for you and leave you hurt and bitter. But that’s okay because your junior and senior year are going to be when the tables turn.

You’re going to meet your maid of honor and your future husband at this summer camp you’re going to go to. You’re going to meet Jesus there. You thought you knew the Lord, but you really didn’t. He is the true Image of Love. He is your Safe Place. Your Savior.

You are going to have the sweetest little girl you have ever seen with the best guy God has crafted for you. Yes. Your dream of being a mama and a wife are going to come true. So, don’t waste your time on stupid boys or parties. Your future is richer than you could ever imagine. You are so loved.


The Older Version of You Who Is Still in School because You Still Didn’t Listen about Focusing on School