From a safe woman, a married mom who protects her daughter, Part 2

September 30, 2015

Dear 15-year old-me:

Looking good, girl!  You’re smart, funny, attractive, and full of potential, just like “they” said  – whoever they are.  The past five years have been filled with ups and downs, and there are several more to come, but you can handle them all if you embrace Godly wisdom and apply it to all things.

  1. Do well in school. Apply yourself so you can go away to school and have someone else pay for it.  Apply for every darn scholarship you can get your hands on.
  2. SAVE YOUR MONEY. Save at least 10% of every dollar you get.  No joke.  After high school, you will receive enough money to pay for college.  Use it to pay for tuition, not partying.  You’ll thank us later.
  3. Buy the house. An opportunity to own a home will come about sooner than you know.  You may think you’re not mature enough, but you can handle it.  Rent it out so you can have a stream of income.  You will always need a place to live.
  4. Move out of the house after graduation. Living at home is cool, but there are certain life lessons that you need to learn.  Your husband will thank you for taking the time to grow as a woman.  It will help you in marriage.  (You get married!  Can you hardly believe it?!?!?)
  5. SAVE YOURSELF FOR YOUR HUSBAND. I’m serious!  You’re going to meet some “great” (not-so-great), “good-looking” (not-that-good -ooking) guys.  Listen: None of them are worth the gold between your legs or the heartache that will follow.  Your husband is worth the wait.
    • Premarital sex creates long-lasting memories with a seasonal person that you can’t shake once you are married to your forever mate.  Flashbacks don’t care where you are or who you’re with.
    • Premarital sex is a violation of your covenant with God.
    • If you meet a guy named Fred, run like your hair is on fire.  He’s no good. RUN!
  6. Create good memories.  Live life to the full.  Take pictures!  Go out with the girls.  Make friends that like things other than you do.  Figure out how to keep friends.  Get out of your comfort zone.  Don’t be bound by anything but God’s love.  Learn to entertain yourself solo.  See the world!  It’s not so easy once you marry, and have kids and real bills.
  7. Ask questions. Don’t be a jerk about it, but ask why.  You need to know how certain things work.  You learn through asking questions.  Never stop learning (you’ll be learning and teaching for the rest of your life).  This includes learning about your family history.  One day the elders in your family will pass away.  Cherish their words, their wisdom, their laughter.  You’ll miss it one day.
  8. Keep reading. Reading keeps your mind growing.  Improve your critical thinking skills.  Expose yourself to new concepts.  Learn about the world around you – especially God, sociology, law, and finance.  These subjects are vital.
  9. Journal.  This is how you process your thoughts.  One day you’ll realize you have the gift of comedy.  Don’t be afraid to cultivate it.  Don’t stop writing.  You’re full of ideas.  Make them come to life.
  10. Take care of yourself. Get in the habit of exercising.  Stay in the habit of eating right.  You may need to teach your husband about these things.  You will definitely need to teach your children.

Well dear, that’s enough for now.  I can’t give you the full story now.  These ten points should hold you over for a while.  We both know you’re hard-headed so we may have to review some of these items again.  🙂

Love you, girl.  Stay in touch.

35-year-old you