From the one who wants you to know the truth

Dear Sarah, You’re in high school now! The next four years are going to be ones you’ll never forget. It’s going to start out rocky because you’re 15 and “know everything”, but you will soon find out that you just don’t. At all. I know your parents stopped going to church because you moved, and they can’t find a good one in the area. Please please please keep your eyes on Jesus anyway.

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From a safe woman, a married mom who protects her daughter, Part 2

Dear 15-year old-me: Looking good, girl!  You’re smart, funny, attractive, and full of potential, just like “they” said  – whoever they are.  The past five years have been filled with ups and downs, and there are several more to come, but you can handle them all if you embrace Godly wisdom and apply it to all things. Do well in school. Apply yourself so you can go away to school and have someone else pay for it.

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