From the one who wants you to know the truth

Dear Sarah, You’re in high school now! The next four years are going to be ones you’ll never forget. It’s going to start out rocky because you’re 15 and “know everything”, but you will soon find out that you just don’t. At all. I know your parents stopped going to church because you moved, and they can’t find a good one in the area. Please please please keep your eyes on Jesus anyway.

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From a happily married wife, registered nurse, and mom of 2

Dear 18-year-old wild child, I know you don’t want to listen to any advice and think you’ve got everything figured out, but let me have just a moment of your attention. Life will be much better if you focus less on guys, and more on goals and accomplishments. You are worth FAR more than you allow credit for, and are capable of AMAZING things! Focus on school rather than guys, and you will accomplish things much more quickly and with far less heartache.

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From a wife of 8 years

Dear freshly-broken-up-with teenage me, It hurts to write this letter. Even decades later, I can still feel the pangs of loneliness that blindside you/me as the guy you thought was your forever love distances himself further and further. And, truth be known, it’s a bit embarrassing now to think of how you/I acted throughout this breakup. Desperation is a powerful motivator and an awful dictator. Let me start by reassuring you that you do meet your real forever love.

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